Cash Flow Statements

Shows all monies coming in and going out – to keep within your budget to be successful.

Client Appreciation & Surveys 

Showing and awarding clients with freebies and rewards creates referrals and repeat business

Concierge / Guest Services

Going above and beyond making reservations and guest arrival memorable

Employee Appreciation

Showing and creating daily, weekly, monthly, appreciation makes for happy employees and less turnover.

Employee & Client Surveys

Very important to do to get feedback about your company, products and services and to follow up after.

Employee Training,  Coaching,  Mentoring & Surveys

Properly training and ongoing mentoring employees and managements prevents employee frustration, turnover, failing businesses and legal issues.

Management Training

Improving a leader’s skills, communication, responsiveness to be a great leader makes a successful business.

Menu Analysis, Creating & Design (Food and Beverage)

Reviewing your menu layout, items, costs, innovativeness, creating and designing new food and beverage menus, seasonal menus, innovative, fun, cost effective specials, appetizers, cocktails and menu's that sell out.

Operations Consulting

Help increase I improve business, productivity, reduce costs, employee’s, management and more.

Proforma Projections (Profit & Loss)

A complete itemized statement of all monies and expenses coming in, going out and forecasting every hour, day, month and 3 years, so you understand what you need to stay in business and be successful. Seeing is believing!

Referral Programs

Is a fun way to get new business and excite your clients in exchange for a discount, freebie offer.

Revenue Generating

Marketing, properly trained management, employees, networking, cleanliness, hospitality all go hand in hand.

Social Media Engagement

Interacting with people on social media increases loyalty and generates word of mouth.

Social Media Marketing Posts

Posting daily content, ads, specials and events is a time-consuming task business are too busy to do.

Staging & Decorating Services

We offer a staging and decorating service which brings in more clients and generates more revenue

Website Design & Management

The 2nd place people go to interview your products, services and pictures is a fantastic website, we will make the weekly changes for your event’s, specials, sales, referral programs etc.  Keep it fresh.


We host workshops to educate and train businesses, employees, managers about very important business matters. It is another great way to engage with employees, client’s other businesses to get their view point.

Social Media, Website Changes, Event Decorating, Sales and Marketing.