The demand for business coaching, consulting and marketing has never been higher.

Demand for our services has exceeded our ability to service the current market.


  • Gattsby's is About Helping Businesses Grow & Improve their Business

  • We Identify & Repair Dilemma's, Weaknesses and Threats

  • While Revitalizing Their Strengths and Opportunities

  • Refresh and Invigorate their Business

  • Identify and Generate New Business Development

  • To Exceed their Competitors

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Gattsby's offer a wide range of services, including the following:


  • Overcome business challenges

  • Increase revenue and grow your Business

  • Improve performance and efficiency

  • Meet and exceed your goals

  • Provide expertise in several area’s needed

  • Identify and resolve problems

  • We Initiate change

  • Provide objective advice

  • Train & mentor employees & management

  • We do the “dirty work" (like eliminating unchangeable staff)

  • We Refresh and Revive businesses in many ways

  • We Refresh and Stage business settings inside and out

  • We influence, motivate, train and mentor Owners, Managers and Employees

* Did you know that when you remodel, retain Managers and Staff they have a better, happier attitude which makes your business 

by far more successful, clients and customers can see it making them happy, come back and refer your business.

* Did you know businesses that are dirty, don't remodel, change their ways, keep up with today's desired items, styles and times, have a poor menu, same items as last year and the previous years to select from, poor website, social media and marketing, create a negative atmosphere and attitude on employees, clients, customers which cause businesses traffic to decrease to the point the finally close their doors.

* Did you know managers make or break a business?  Poor, lazy attitudes affect the entire staff? If managers are not trained they can't, train employees?

* Did you know well trained, very appreciated & valued, low paid employee's will stay at their jobs for years, and there will be a wait list to get a job at those fun companies?

Did you know that 90% of employers hire based on experience, wrong personalities and mindsets and deny the right mindset and personality, over paying the wrong type of employee to waste money to later terminate that employee and continue doing the same thing over and over again wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars.


1st Meeting

Takes 1 - 2 hours. Gattsby's will come to your location (FREE consultation), where we get to know one another and we discuss your business concerns, walk the premises, gather some materials and notes and where you will learn how Gattsby's can help your business in many area's. Gattsby's will show you a portfolio of ways we can help your business.  Here we will schedule a much more in-depth meeting.

2nd Meeting

Takes 4 - 8 hours. Here you will need to provide Gattsbys an itemized list of your business concerns. The owner, managers and employees will need to attend this meeting to address all their concerns. Here we will tour the facility again as a group and privately, where all those can address their concerns about the business. We will need the finances P & L sheet and all companies menu's, marketing materials etc. During this process, we will uncover the details of a company's mission and what is in place.

Gattsby’s will take all this info and put together a complete structured and detailed analysis of what is needed for your business.


3rd Meeting

Within 1 week, we will meet to discuss where change is needed, what was identified as the company's Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats, current and predictable problems, along with a structured detailed timeline plan of how we can fix these issues, and most important what is going to be needed to grow the business, increase profits and boost productivity along with a budget plan. These issues can include problems that ownership and management have already identified, as well as new problems the business consultant discovered during observation.

In addition to identifying these problems are fantastic opportunities and solutions to the problems to take advantage of fantastic revenue generating opportunities.

It is most important for the business owner to take the business consultant's (constructive criticism) advice as a very positive and invigorating way to improve their business and productivity which will increase revenue. The owner should not take this criticism personally, as the business consultant brings objectivity and a fresh viewpoint to revive the business to increase revenue, because when you’re successful we are successful!

The “financial decision maker” must be at this meeting to go over all the details of this report, if they wish to go forward with this project, they will need to give a retainer fee and sign the contract at this time.   If you don’t hire Gattsby’s and would like a copy of this report there is a fee for this report. This fee is only waived at the time Gattsby’s is hired within 5 days.

We will set a structured calendar of the dates of when to begin all the tasks that were agreed upon. So that all parties know and can be there when needed.


4th Meeting

Work begins.


5th Meeting

When the work is done, we will continue to consult with you and your employees after the work is completed.